Let’s go over my 100%’ed games. I have 17, according to AStats, I’ll just write what I remember (some of them I completed years ago) about each of these games.


Nothing spectacularly hard. It’s all about the right songs for each achievement, which you can easily look up at official Steam forums. There was one which took me significantly more time, but sadly I can’t remember which one it was. That probably means it wasn’t that hard after all, since I tend to remember these.

Bloody Good Time:

This game has an interesting story behind it. This is what one of the developers wrote on their Facebook page:

Regarding Bloody Good Time, the whole game was a scam from Ubisoft to prevent them breaching copyright when they made Assassins Creed Multiplayer mode. They ran us into the ground, and sold BGT at a low price with minimal content to ensure it would never compete with Assassins Creed, and indeed to ensure that Outerlight would go out of business. In business terms, they did a splendid job destroying the competition and increasing their monopoly in the games industry. In business terms we did a terrible job defending ourselves.

When they cut the budget for BGT we pointed out the need for DLC, 3 levels is just not enough, but they stated they did not care about replayability, or longevity, for BGT. So, in a nutshell, hell will freeze over before there is any DLC for BGT. Even if I wanted to add some DLC for BGT, they hold the copyright for it, as well as the distribution, so I couldn’t add any DLC. Sorry m8! My bad…or Ubisofts bad, depending how you look at it.

Assholes, these Ubisofts, aren’t they?

Anyways, I’ve completed this one an hour ago, so I still remember some of the achievements, haha. ;-) Again, nothing hard. The only harder achievement is to get 2000 fame (cumulatively). No one plays the game online, so you have to put up with bots. Also, you get mostly 100 fame per 15 minutes, meaning you have to play 300 minutes against boring bots to get 2000 fame. Luckily there are console commands not considered cheats which you can use to boost rewards for specific feats. Again, you can look up these commands at Steam forums.

The next one is Bullet Candy, a game cursed by many, completed by only a few:

When I started playing Bullet Candy, I truthfully didn’t know what was awaiting. If I knew, I would never buy the game. This is a game about bullets. Bullets, enemies, lasers, particles, more enemies, more bullets and even more bullets. All around you at a small screen. It has 50 insane levels with the hardest achievement requiring you to finish it without losing a single life. A single. Fucking. Life. FYI, it takes exactly 1 (point zero) hit to kill you. Only 0.4% of players actually managed to get it. I even had to use a CPU slowdown program to make the game run at about 1/10 of its normal pace. You can read the previous sentence as: “To make it more compatible with human senses.”

Another achievements requires you to finish the game under 11 minutes and 30 seconds. Yes, there was a moment when I finished the game in 11:32, I am quite amazed my keyboard is still functional after that. Bullet Candy also includes so-called Extended mode, which is basically the 50 levels played thrice. To unlock ‘Long Haul’ achievement, you have to finish Extended mode. Well, the reason only 0.5% of players have this one is because the god damn game keeps crashing after having played 100 levels or so, so it’s more about luck than anything else. You’ll unlock most of the other achievements together with ‘Follow the Word of God,’ which is the first one I talked about here. That is if you manage to unlock it, of course. I’m glad this game is long dead, because the picture of more achievements in a future update (woe betide!) makes me shiver, it really does.

Chaos Theory:

Not much to say here, all the achievements are pretty easy and I got them after 3.6 hours of a standard gameplay.


Whew! I’ve never been good at this type of puzzles, so it got me thinking for almost 16 hours. I even had to watch walkthroughs on YouTube for 5 or so puzzles. The achievements are nothing non-standard. You’ll get all of them by completing the game with the highest rating on each puzzle.

Day of Defeat: Source:

Day of Defeat: Source is a great game with very dull and boring achievements. Most of them you’ll get by grinding. Get 1000 kills with this, 1000 kills with that. You most probably won’t get them by standard gameplay. I had to create a map in Source SDK, start in on a dedicated server, fill it up with bots, learn some console commands to make them do what I want and grind and grind and grind for about 10 hours. However, you won’t get ‘Jack of All Trades’ achievement alone, as it requires you to get a kill with 5 kinds of weapons in one life.

Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood

Booooring. :-) Both the game and the achievements. Kill 2500 chickens, make a 10 kill combo, purchase this, wear that… Standard achievements, the only thing which could prevent you from getting them is the simple fact, that Foreign Legion is an unbelievably boring game. I finished all the achievements once, uninstalled the game and half a year after the developers added more. Sadly, it doesn’t have Steam Cloud, so I had to spend a few hours leveling my character again.

Gravitron 2:

A lot of people like Gravitron 2, I hated it, though. Games like this aren’t made for choleric people and I shamelessly ended up editing the levels to make them easier… I don’t want to see this one on my HDD ever again. :-)

Half-Life 2:

A classic one. Achievements in Half-Life 2 are mostly fun, as there is a good ratio of grinding achievements to skill-requiring ones to story ones. The only bigger problem was crossing the Antlion beach, or whatever it was, without making a step on the sand, I had to watch a YouTube video for this one. I am kind of surprised only 2.5% of players have the Kill an enemy with a toilet achievement. Seriously, does no one use Gravity Gun?

Half-Life 2: Episode One:

Pretty much everything what I said about HL2 applies here too. There is one outstanding achievement, though, that is ‘The One Free Bullet,’ for which to achieve you have to finish the game firing exactly one bullet. It was a real challenge and a twist to the game to finish the whole game using only Gravity gun, crowbar, grenades and rocket launcher. :-)

Half-Life 2: Episode Two:

Oh dear, Episode Two came with some pretty hard, but enjoyable achievements. Specifically ‘Little Rocket Man,’ for which you had to grab a garden gnome (the only one in the whole game) and carry it through to the very end of the game. Putting him in the car in a way he wouldn’t fall out wasn’t easy. Also he sometimes got lost and I had to reload an earlier save. Oh, just a note – after you carry him to the end, don’t forget to put him in the rocket (you’ll know which one, don’t want to spoil here), otherwise you won’t get the achievement.

A hard one was also ‘Get Some Grub,’ for which you had to squish every Antlion grub in the game. There is almost 300 in the game and some of them are pretty well hidden, so you probably get the idea. I recommend you to find a text walkthrough and go by it. Well, of course you can do it alone, just don’t get mad, when you find out, that in the end you have squished like 299 out of 300.


Obulis has no creative achievements to offer, most of them are “finish this level” and “finish that level.” Just one thing – never use any hint, or you won’t be able to get 347 and a half stars which you need for the ‘You… Complete Me’ achievement.

Puzzler World:

I’ve really liked Puzzler World. Puzzler World is about… well… Puzzles. There is over one thousand various puzzles from 14 categories. I most enjoyed Link-a-Pix puzzles. The only drawback is that the game looks too childish. There is 14 achievements total and you can guess what they are like. Yeah, every one of them is “complete 10 puzzles from category x.” The hardest for me was the crosswords one, because English is not my native language, I had some hard times with it.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim:

I’m particularly proud of completing this one, as it took me almost 90 hours. Sadly, most of the achievements are complete-a-quest and grinding ones. There are some fun ones, but the dull ones prevail. Still, having completed all achievements in an open-world bugs-filled RPG? Yeah.

Wasteland Angel:

Although set in a promising world, Wasteland Angel is an incredibly stupid game. Most of this top-down game you’ll spend driving your car around a small city destroying everything at sight. It took me 4.4 hours to finish the game (and with that get the last achievement) and if you’re not a complete moron, you won’t even have to try to get all the achievements too. Seriously, devs? Glad I got it de facto for free in a bundle.

World of Goo:

I’ve liked this game so much that I also bought a copy for my Android tablet. The achievements here are basically just “100%’ the game,” which is nothing easy, though. Again, I had to use YouTube several times.

Zombie Driver:

I, in fact, have 100%’ed Zombie Drivers a few times now, because the devs keep adding new content as well as new achievements. They were pretty easy, until Blood Race mode came and with it crazy achievements like killing three enemies with one rail-gun shot, which I luckily got by pure luck, heh. I finished Zombie Driver again just recently, because I couldn’t have got past all the tournaments, the choleric me just wouldn’t let me until now. :-)

Well, and that is everything I have 100%’ed. There are few games in my account missing only an achievement or two, so I’ll have to browse through them and choose which to finish first. I’ll keep you reported. :-)