I saw ¬†Penguins Arena for 99 cents at the newly open Gala Store. Considering it’s one of the first Steam games with achievements, it was a no-brainer for me. 6 hours later, I had all of the achievements, some of which I’ll describe here.

Duel Master

Win 50 duels

This achievements is a bit weird. According to 100% Achievements Group forums, it won’t trigger in… well… duel mode. You have to start classic multiplayer (yes, even bot fights are called multiplayer here, no one else plays the game today anyway) and be the only one penguin of your team alive. When playing with bots, after you die you take control of a bot controlled penguin, so the best way to get it is to kill yourself a few times, so that you’ll be the only one. This is the most annoying and time-taking achievement here. Penguins Arena gets boring fast.

Tribe’s berserker

Win 100 fights

Tribe’s grunt

Take part in 150 fights

These two are actually very, very easy. Just start the game, turn off your screen (to save some energy, be ecologic), take your girlfriend to the movies, get some dinner afterwards and when you come back, you’ll see that you’ve earned not only these two, but also 80% of the other achivements as well. Simple.