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DEFCON 100%’ed

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My finals are finally over, so I’ve started completing my games. The first one is DEFCON. Pretty funny RTS, but you will definitely not spend much hours with it, because it gets stereotype after a while. Anyways, the achievements are mostly grinding ones, especially the hardest one, which requires you to nuke 7 billion civilians. Given each continent has only 100 million… Well. Luckily I have two Steam accounts, both with DEFCON in them, so I started it up on my laptop and PC, set cities per territory to 1, 200 million people per teritory, grabbed a good book and once in a while restarted the game. Also, one of the achievements can be done only at Christmas (just set your clock to Dec 25 2011, it should work).

Oh, I should also tell you you can only unlock most of the achievements playing against other people, you can’t get them with bots.

A new achievements blog!

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Hi there!

It’s been a few years since I started hunting Steam achievements. It took many hours, but finally I managed to get into the top 30 on SteamStats, which was something, considering Steam had about 13 million users at that time. Then I got to a college (Faculty of Information Technology, Czech Technical University in Prague, to be precise) and suddenly I hadn’t as much time at my disposal as before, which ultimately lead to falling back to 150th place or so. Now I’m in 4th semester and since the school is easier now (whether it’s due to me getting used to it or the school really being easier after the first few semesters), I have some free time again. Yay! Also, my girlfriend got to Charles University, specifically the First Faculty of Medicine; she’s always studying, leaving me enough time too. Anyways, as I’m writing this, I’m positioned at the 87th place¬†at SteamStats.

What will this blog be about? Can’t say for sure. All I can say is that I *aim* it to be about achievements, tips how to get specific achievements and generally some blabbering about them and about games with them.

Hope it’ll turn out well and you – fellow achievement hunters – will like it.