Finally! This game has 25 achievements, some of which made me very angry. As always, I won’t talk about all of them, but I’ll describe the hardest ones. But first things first – I really enjoyed playing the game. It’s similar concept as in Alien Hallway, but a hundred times better. This is how this genre should look like! Now about the hard achies:

King of the Stone Age

Kill all Vikings in a Boulder Mode game without killing any of your own.

Oh god, oh god, oh god. I hated doing this one. In boulder mode the whole map zooms in and you see only a big boulder rolling from left to right. You have to jump over friendly units and roll over enemy units. The map, however, is so zoomed in, that you have about 0.5 second to react. Better not try do this one tired. The only way to achieve this one is to actually try and try and try and… try. Until you remember the layout (which never changes). My first try was on Saturday and I got the achievement on Wednesday, so yeah. It took me all in all about 2 hours. But the feeling after I got it… Who am I to tell you, you know it for yourselves.

Blotting out the sun

Complete Chinese Campaign level 7 with 15 or more Rocketeers alive

IMHO the second hardest. Rocketeers got a bit nerfed in the latest version, so it is much harder than ever before. You get three Rocketeers in the beginning of the level and you can’t buy more. The trick here is to multiply them with your magic. However! You can’t use the magic for anything else, because you wouldn’t have enough mana to make 12 additional Rocketeers then. Buy 10 workers as fast as you can, build a Buddha statue and then research Ninja Monkeys. When Rocketeers appear, start cloning them immediately. Keep building Ninja Monkeys (don’t you ever stop creating them) – they come in handy when catapults appear, as Ninja Monkeys are able to stun them. Build Buddha statues wherever and whenever you can and keep pushing forward. This achievements needs a bit of luck, too, so if you don’t succeed in your first try, try again. I had to do it 4 or 5 times.

Uncontrolled Demolition

Destroy a tower under construction with Rage.

I wouldn’t say this one is hard at first. But well… It was. This did the trick for me: Start skirmish, pick Vikings for you and Chinese for AI. Pick a large map (doesn’t really matter which one) and set gold, mana and workers at maximum. When you’re in game, research axe throwers, lightning bolt and rage. Keep producing axe throwers and use rage on them at once so they come closer to each other. AI usually starts building a tower as soon as its unit comes past a build spot. As soon as you see it started building, kill enemy units with lightning bolt and rush to the tower using rage. It took me about an hour until I rage’d there in the specific moment.

Phew! Glad I got them all.