Looks like the Steam Summer Sale is almost ready to start. No matter whether you are from Team July 9th or Team July 12th, you can now spend some time getting Killing Floor summer achievements you may have missed last summer and also getting the new ones. All of the new ones can be achieved easily in solo mode.

Those are: 

Brittish Superiority

Kill a zed each with both the Bullpup and FN-Fal

Easy peasy. Buy both of these weapons and kill two zeds, one with the Bullpup, one with FN-Fal.

 Combat Medic

 Kill a zed that has injured a player (M7A3 rifle)

Notice the description says “a player,” meaning it can be you. ;-) Buy M7A3, let a zed attack you, then send a few bullets straight through its head. Achievement unlocked!

 Spec Ops

 Kill 12 clots with one magazine without reloading (MK23)

This one is a little bit harder, but nothing unachievable. MK23 has exactly 12 bullets in a magazine, so make every one count. Just run around like no tomorrow, kill zeds with a different weapon and when you see a Clot, switch to MK23 and shoot its head off. Repeat 11 times.

 The Big One

 Kill 2 scrakes with one shot (M99)

Just line two of these hell messengers up and then *bang*!


Kill one of each type of zed in one round (HSG Shotgun)

This one seems a little bit bugged as it should read “Kill one of each type of zed in a round and the Patriarch in the final wave.” I don’t think the Patriarch counts as a zed, so let’s consider it partly broken now. It is, however, obtainable, for the Patriarch takes about 3 or 4 shots from HSG on Beginner difficulty.

Apart from these five, a new map has been added, so there is a new “Beat the new map on XYZ difficulty” quadruple. It’s good to see a great game like Killing Floor not being Left 4 Dead by its developers yet. The summer event ends on July 23rd, so hurry up!