Alien Hallway is a mediocre Swords and Soldiers-like game from the most immature company I have ever seen. The game consists of a few elements – your base, enemy base and the battlefield. Engineers gather (infinite) minerals with which you can buy soldiers. Soldiers have their own AI, the only thing you have to carry about is the right choice of your army. The enemy does the same and whoever destroys the opponents base wins. I usually like this kind of games, but this one fails at several levels. First, it is horrendously bugged. Second, it looks as if it was made using MS Paint. And furthermore, it feels like a remake of a Microsoft XNA tutorial.

The achievements are pretty easy and most of them I got in a standard gameplay. The only harder one requires you to finish the game on Extreme difficulty. Which only means the enemy has more health and deals more damage. So you have to play the easier levels to make money in order to buy unit upgrades. Oh, wow. It must have been tough to come up with something like that.