OK, this game is weird. It’s all about connecting falling nodes of the same colour. After connecting a few nodes, you are awarded a note node (yeah). The game is divided into a few levels (9, me thinks) and to beat each one of them, you have to collect specific amount of the note nodes, which would be perfectly fine, if… that would not be the only game principle… AVSEQ would not have a weird kind of mouse acceleration cleverly preventing you from pinpointing the nodes… the game rules were explained better… I mean – for example, if you miss a node, you lose a note node. Sometimes. Sometimes you lose two at once and sometimes you don’t lose any. When that happens, I don’t know.

The another thing broken is achievements – you have to do them all in one sitting, because the game does not remember your achievement progress. Luckily for us, achievement hunters, it takes only about 2 hours to get them all. There is no other advice than to just beat all the levels first and then to repeat the very first one (the easiest, obviously) until you get all the achies. Oh, and more thing – don’t play infinite mode. The game loses your progress after exiting infinite mode, too. Oh, well. Another one off the list.