This one got me sweaty (not as sweaty as Bullet Candy had gotten me, though). Fortix is a modern remake of an old arcade classic Qix. Your goal in this game is to fence enemies forts while avoiding cannon balls, dragons and fire balls, the point is, however, that it’s not enough that you avoid enemies, they can also only touch your trail to kill you. Achievements in this game are all pretty straightforward and not really worth talking about (especially not at 4 AM), the only one which made me swear like a sailor countless times was ‘Mission Imposible,’ which requires you to complete the game on Impossible difficulty. No kidding, that difficulty is no close to being easy at all. Everything moves so fast that you only can progress by small, well thought pieces. And although you will have everything thought out, there is a random factor which will get you killed many, many times. Choleric fellows, watch your blood pressure!

Anyway, after 6 hours I finally got them all in this one.